IMG_3587For todays TipsFormtheGarden I thought I would write a post on No-Fail Plants! Sometimes I think folks just want a sure thing! What I mean by this is, you may want No-Fail plants or tough as nails kinda of plants to start your Gardens! Whether that being a backyard or Porch with potted plants. I actually got the idea from my mum. I hope in doing this post, it will help you all have an easier time will gardening. Have more fun too. Also have more resilient plants and flowers. As some might say; ‘plant-it-and-leave-it. Although you do have to water a bit…There are so many options with shrubs, plants, flowers and trees for your large, medium small or very small gardens. IMG_3603The very small gardens are folks like Me! Porch or Balcony. So if you are able to find a few of these plants-flowers you should have your own heathy easy no-fail Gardens! To start, its always best to go with plants that are native to your own area where you live. For this reason the plants will provide food for the native birds and the butterflies in your area. As the plants will already be accustom to your region. Note by doing so you will get the benefits of all the wonderful native birds and butterflies coming to your garden which is a big plus+. You must always remember with all plants in what ever environment, when the season changes so does the temperatures of your soil in which they live. You may not think much about the soil but the soil in some ways is the plants lungs. I have found that the hard way many times over. That is why I started composting to get that deep enriched soil for my plants. Also you must remember to make sure that your plants are affect draining during all seasons (winter mostly). If they don’t you could end-up with a dead plant. I have gone through that too sadly. It was a very sad day when that happened. When looking for a new native plant make sure that you pick a healthy looking one too. understanding-your-zone-3 Here is a map of both US-Canada/World on Zones on planting so it will give head-start.a09fig03 Now for a list to get you all started on your Fail-save-Gardens! Annuals, Perennials, Shrub and even Trees for your No-Fail Gardens Enjoy & Happy Gardening Wendiđź’—

Annuals for Your Wet Areas-

Papyrus-Elephant Ears-Canna-Jewel weed-Mexican Blue Bell

Annuals for Your Sunny Areas-

Zinnia-Sunflowers-Dahiberg Dasiy-Annual Vinca

Annuals for Shade-


Perennials for the Wet Areas-

Marsh Marigolds-Sedges-Swamp Milkweed-Ligularia-Joe Pye Weed

Perennials for the Sunny Areas-

Native & Ornametal Perennials-Peony-Beardtongue-Russian Sage-Fernleaf Yarrow

Perennials for Shade-

Bleeding Hearts (Good one!)-Coral Bells (Good one!)-Ferns-Hostas-Daylilies

Shrubs for Wet Areas-

Redtwig dogwood-Chokeberry-Elderberry-Winterberry-Dappled Willow ‘HakuroNishiki’

Shrubs for Sunny Areas-

Ninebark-Spireas-Landscape or Shrub Roses-Smike Bush-Juniper

Shrubs for Shade-

Annabelle or smooth-Hydrangea-Viburnum-Witch Hazel-Boxwood-Yew

Trees for the Wet Area-

Sweet Bay Magnolia-Red Maple(JapaneseMapleBest!)-Bald Cypress-Native Alders-Swamp White Oaks

Trees for Sun-

Crabapples-Hawthorns-Oak Trees(Good Ones!)-Ginkgo’s

Trees for Shade-


Hope that I have given you all a few helpful tips for an No-Fail gardens. I wish you all a wonderful afternoon. Wendiđź’—




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