For this post From TipsFromtheGarden I thought for today I would go over my Composting Tips. I wanted to do a post that would make composting easy and not so scary. It’s also a great way to help the care of your plants and to help the environment. You can use almost anything in your small compost bins even for an apartment porch gardener for over 20+years. Some of the items you can use are your own garden clipping, flower trimmings, vegetables trimmings from your gardens. Plus all those veggie scraps, egg shells stall breads, banana peels, old coffee grinds and teabags to be just a few items for your compost bins. There is also the used vegetables after cooking too. The only fruit you cant use is oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits. And meats and cheese. Its actually very easy to make your own compost bin. I will show you step by step how I have done my own and the easiest way to do it.

I figure that most people these days cant afford a house, live in apartments like Me. So since I am one of them living in an apartment for many years I have a good idea how these idea are done for small gardening. I have been composting now for over 10+years and at first I did have a hard time but now it second nature. First you have to figure out where and how to start a compost area. If you have your own yard, that’s an whole different kinda composting. If any of you are interested in that type, please let me know by just writing me in the comments and I’ll go over that type too…In this post I’m addressing more for folks that live in small area’s such as apartments, tiny houses, condos who don’t have much room for an garden. Over the many years I have found a way living in a small 1-bedroom apt. I’ve even adopted a wild Anne Hummingbird, who has made his home here in my porch for the last 10+years. We have some pretty harsh winters. And Snow even in Seattle Washington. So the weather can get under 20degrees or more. So I’ve learned a lot about caring for hummingbirds too. You may wonder why I have mentioned my Hummingbird well its because I will be introducing my love of the hummingbirds to in this blog too. So say tuned!

This is What you’ll need to get started-


1-2 very large thick plastic bins with their lids 2-6-8 to ceramic(I like ceramic because they don’t rust but this is a personal thing any kinda mug will do) just empty food cans will work too. Note: the ceramic one I used were used old ceramic coffee mug that we just didn’t used any more, but you can always go to your local goodwill or second hand stores.(These are usually very cheap and about the right size 4inches high). 3-To start your compost, you will need to get a good bag of dirt to start-so 1bag or either a small or medium dirt at your local home depot or nursery. Anywhere they sell soil or flowers. 4-A permit place for your compost bin is very important. Its going to be heavy at times. You are going to have to different plastic bins 1bin will be holding the red worms and the enriched soiled. Food scraps. The other bin will be bigger holding everything-holding the bin with all the red worms and food scraps etc…This one will have the Red Worm Tea that you can also use in your plants. 5You will need to have some kinda of drill to make hole in your inside bin. You will need to drill holes on all sides and the bottom too. Also the lid. Note: I will give you images so that you will have some kinda idea what things should look like…6You’ll need a plastic shovel. Why? Because a metal will harm your Red Worms and you don’t  want to harm your critters that are going to make great dirt for your plants! 7Food scrap to add to your bin. As far as the food scraps there are some food scraps that are not good. I discovered this over the years of composting. Here are some to the ideas of what you should use: Coffee grounds, vegetable scraps, Plants clippings basically everything like that with the exception of oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits. Plus no meats, fish or cheese. I does help if you put a small compost container by the sink.  8Newspaper to crumply up into the food scraps.9-Lastly the Red Worms. Make sure you cover them with the dirt you got and add a bit of water to keep them moist. Note: if you take care of your Red worms in your bin they will last many many years to come. My dear husband got me only a few containers of the red worms and now I just maintain them. They make so many baby worms that I haven’t had to buy any red worms in years…Note: the red worms come in white containers of either 15 to 30. I have had both.10-If you live in a cold climate during the winter time like myself, you need to winterize your compost. I have had more problems during the years with the climate change. This last year it was terrible with rain and snow. I had to re-due the bin and get all my worms out because it was flooded with lots of water. And during the snow time I had to put blanket on the bin and warm water too…11-Keeping your bin well ventilated is also very imported too. Why? because mold can develop very easy. These are the steps to get you started…Now you can start you own compost bin. Happy composting…



I didn’t start with Red worms I must say…It was by watching the garden shows. Some folks love Earth worms(which is what I started with). You can find them in any plant section of almost any kinda store. They are also sold for fishing too. Just ask for Earth worms at your local planting store or fishing area and you should find them in a refrigerator to keep them cool. I have seen them in white containers too…in the 15 to 30 at a time. My husband discovered the Red Worms about 5years ago. At first they were very hard to find and if you did they were very expensive to get. You could only get them line or in fancy nursery’s. However, they aren’t anymore. They are quite easy to find and they are much faster working than the earth worms. Before the earth worms it would take a long time to get good rich dirt. But now the Red worms take short work of it. And the make so many baby worms you don’t have to buy anymore. My husband surprised me with a container of 30 red worms and since then I haven’t had to by any more….I must say after 10years of composting I have gotten some of the richest soil for my plants that I would of never found in any store anywhere. As for my plants, flowers and few flowering trees that I have been gardening for the last 18+years well they been doing great and now I have a great looking garden plus a great learning of the ends and outs of porch gardening that I would love to share! I hope that my Compost post inspires you all to find your way to help our Mother Earth Gaea and our Children of today and tomorrow. Wendiđź’—



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