Good afternoon and Welcome to TipsFromtheGarden…For todays Tips for your Garden, I have a great one that I’ve been using for the past couple of years. It happen when I was looking in one of my garden magazines. I needed a solution to watering my plants/flowers when I’m not around for a few days during the hot months. So my solution was wine bottles. I saw it in my favorite garden magazine. They can hold a lot of water in their thick glass(harder to break) and have a larger opening to make it easier to fill than the fancy one you fine in the stores. Also they slowing drain into the soil during the hot months. These bottles are transparent white, green etc; in color so you can see how full the bottle is from a distance. You can either get them from the recycled places or when you buy wine just keep the empty bottles like I have over the years.  I have found that being able to see how much water is going into your pots/plants is quite useful because it will prevent you from over watering and under watering your plants. With the wine bottle system, it will give you just the right about of water if your gone for a few days or a week or two on vacation. As you know wine bottles come in many different shapes and sizes. Each wine bottle is a different style and some are easier to push into the soil than others. However, some tend to hold less water than others. To use the system in the hot months or if you are planning to go on vacation? First water your plant thoroughly. Then push the wine bottle into the soil of your potted plants/flowers. As for where? It depends on the size of your pots and the plant. For example my large Beebalm flowers plant I put two large wine bottle on the edge, so that it doesn’t damage the root system in the middle of the pot. Note: after you’ve made the holes in the soil from your wine bottle, then fill with water and put back into the same holes you made. Have the bottles lend against the pot because they are heavy. If you have a small pot I’ve use a one wine bottle or even a large beer bottle. If you don’t drink or you can’t like myself there is non-alcohol wine. I hope you Enjoyed the post…wendi💗



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