Good Afternoon Everyone! I thought for today, I would give you some helpful tips on one of my favorite garden subjects ‘Hummingbirds’. My wild hummingbird has been visiting much more often. Since my flowers have been blooming with the warm weather coming finally, so here are many different kinds of tips for a grand haven of hummingbirds. This could work for either your Porch, Balcony and Backyards.

1-Attracting hummingbirds with different kinds of melons. Cantaloupes being the most favorite. Not only do the hummingbirds love the juice to feed on it also gives them something different to eat.

2-Having a small pond/fountain is another great Tip. However,  for hummingbirds they are quite different than your Typical pond/fountain. These types of ponds/fountains need to be up high so they feel safe. So this is what I would suggest. For the fountain, a large tall ceramic pot. So a bubblier or spayer can be put on the top and the hummingbirds can whiz through the mist, drink from the bubblier and dance in the water.

3-Tall nectar producing plants/flowers, I’ve found to be another trick to attracting hummingbirds. They have lots of nectar and are easy for these jewels of the sky to get to. Cannalilies are a great one to start with. Another one is the Monarda(BeeBalm)Red and Red Carnations are 2-more good ones too!

4-Someothers are the Morning Glories, Four-O’clocks, Gladiola, Perennial sweet peas, lantana and Turk’s Caplilies.

5-The Golden-flame honeysuckle vines will attract loads of these tiny jewels. The Cypress vine is another excellent plant for attracting hummingbirds too. They grow quickly and bloom plentiful of red flowers.

6-If you place dried cattail stalks out in your garden, you might get lucky and see female hummingbirds pull out bits from them to use as nesting material. Its said, that these old cattail attract more hummingbird activity to your garden.

7-Make sure that any large spiderwebs that are near the hummingbird feeders are sweep away! Your tiny hummingbirds could get entangled in those large spiderwebs. It really depends where you live too. So keep them safe.

8-Some of the most productive flowers that attract these jewels of the sky are: Red columbines, Coral bells, Canterbury bells, Red Cardinals, Fuschsias, Hollyshocks, Impatiens, Phlox, Orange Tubulars vines, Golden Flame Honeysuckle vines, Red BeeBalm and Morning Glories are just a few…

9-When making Homemake simple hummingbird nectar-Never use honey as a subsititute for sugar! The honey will ferment rapidly and actually speed up the mold formation in your feeders. Also Never! use Artificial Sweeteners either Just pure cane white sugar!

10-My Homemake Nectar Recipe~

What you’ll need: Pure White Cane Sugar, Stove top pot, wood spoon, 1cup measurer, Plastic container to keep homemade nectar in and funnel to pour homemade nectar in.  Dircetions:  Using the traditional 5parts to 1part sugar recipe…I usually make my homemake nectar in the morning when its cooler. I get my biggest pot add the 5cups water, put on medium if electric stove(if gas adjust to medium heat). Note: I use this type of recipe to because it has less sugar so it doesn’t draw the wasp/bee to the feeder yet the hummingbirds still love the taste! After the pot comes to a boil(takes out all the impurities in the water) take off the hot burner. Add 1cup of white cane sugar, mix till clear. Next you most wait till mixture has completely cooled. After that, slowly add into a plastic container that you have cleaned. Use your funnel to get everything in the container. Each in your Refrigerator till use…Enjoy💗

11-Cleaning-Sometimes black mold forms insides hummingbird feeders. To clean them, simply break up a denture-cleaning tablet add to plain water. after the tablet stops working take out and rinse your feeder parts thoroughly. If you have an stubborn area, just add a tablespoon of salt into a bowl of water stir vigorously. This should get the last bits of black mold. If that doesn’t work another tip is vinegar. Just add it straight with some water let it for a hour or so, then use a rag to take off.

12-Pesky Ants/Wasps seem to be a problem everywhere. However here in the Great Northwest I been lucky to not have an Ant problem. It was more of the wasps at one time till I figure it out with my homemade Nectar. Another way to stop the wasps/ants is by adding a light coat of non-stick cooking spray on your feeder opening where the tiny holes are to feed the nectar. And to put a bit of oil on your finger then rub around the feeding ports too.

13-After many years having an hummingbird garden, I’ve found that male hummers don’t share very well. So during the months of late June to the End of Sept I keep a couple of feeders on my porch. If you get an domain male, its very hard for any other males to come in for a drink. So I put out quite a few spread out, so the other males can get some of my homemade nectar.

14-Attaching an handheld watering water to a trellis that’s covered with Golden-flame trumpet vines is another great idea-Hummingbirds cant’ resist them.

15-Fact-News To match a hummingbirds appetite-a 180 pound person would need to consume about 190 Big Mac’s and Super-size fries in 1day.

16-When making boiled eggs save the water to make your hummingbird nectar. Why? Because it gives these jewels that extra boost of calcium during the nesting season. Just add 1/4 cup sugar to each cup of egg water…

Well, I hope that these TipsFromtheGarden…Well help you make a Haven for your Hummingbirds.Wendi💗

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